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I like John Edwards, really I do.

He’s smart, capable, his policies are well thought out, he’s also a fantastic apologizer.

Sen. Edwards' Ugly MugWhy then is he so damned irrelevant? The man is an attractive candidate with lots of money and the blogosphere for some reason or another wants to jump his bones. He’s organized a massive strategic campaign aimed at winning every major primary…yet his main strategy seems to be proclaiming again and again how sorry he is about Iraq and how much sorrier he is for his vote than the other guys.

He’s a slick politician, that’s for sure, but if he were to win the nomination by playing as far to the left as he already is, I’d be interested to see what it will take to win the general election. He might have to pull a Romney and lose every ounce of respect he has.


Those who live outside the beltway often put Virginia in the same context as…say…Philadelphia, MS. This couldn’t be farther from the truth…at least until you hit Stafford, VA, then it really starts going downhill. But I digress.

The home of Pat Robertson, Pat Buchanan, and Jerry Falwell has been a powerful symbolic bastion of red-state conservatism, until now. Northern Virginia, also known as the Massachusetts of the Confederacy, has been getting bluer and bluer. Indeed, the DC suburbs have been electing Democrats and moderate Republicans on a much more consistent basis in recent election cycles.

Our popular Governor Tim Kaine is a relatively moderate Democrat, our recently elected Senator Jim Webb has been out and about, shedding his sheepish campaign identity for his more authoritative role on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Finally, Gov. Mark Warner, our extremely popular former Governor, is considering another run against his friend (and member of the Senate Old Curmudgeon Committee) Republican Sen. JOHN Warner.

This may not seem particularly exciting or distinguished, but all three of these men represent an interesting evolution in the Democratic Party.

  • Kaine: Socially conservative Catholic, Clintonian domestic and economic philosophy, is the spitting image of everyone’s next door neighbor.
  • Webb: High profile former Reagan Republican, socially liberal, economically moderate, good libertarian streak. Red-head.
  • Warner: High profile successful self-made businessman (founded Nextel), popular amongst both Democrats and GOP. Looks kind of like donkey, but that’s ok.

Sen. John Warner is very, very popular in the state as well as the country. It is rumored that he could step down and let Tom Davis, my wishy washy idiotic congressman, run for his seat. If John Warner decides to run again, then Mark Warner could be the only person in the state that could beat him.  On the other hand, if Tom Davis runs, Mark Warner will utterly destroy him in a general election.

Any thoughts?

Barrack Obama, or “Diet Jesus” as his friends call him, is making some serious headway with black voters at the expense of Mizz Hillary.A few Obama fans According to a piece in the Post (the good one), Hillary’s lead among black voters has been “sliced in half” in favor of the junior Senator from Illinois.

This raises an interesting spectre for the psychology behind Obama. Is he truly black or is he “African” and should there even be a distinction?

Wait, I know what you’re thinking, this isn’t interesting. Why is it that as soon as a viable black candidate appears, people have to immediately deconstruct his racial identity.

He can’t really be black, can he? Because he hasn’t shared in the strife of the black experience, he’s an American African, not an African-American.

This is complete and utter nonsense. Racism by its very nature lacks any reason or sense, it is based entirely on the color of one’s skin or the ethnicity from which one originates. Because of the color of his skin, Obama has been subject to the same reduced set of expectations as that of the entire African-American community and he has shattered them completely and utterly.

Perhaps it’s time to look at the content of his character.

Being a Puerto Rican man who looks nothing like the average Boricua, I’m on the opposite end of this argument. Because I don’t look Hispanic, I have benefited from a society that for all its rhetoric about cherishing different cultures is actively and unjustly hostile to the Latino community. I’ve seen first hand how an ultra-modern republic can still be so swayed by our primitive instinct of fortifying communities made up of people that look alike.

From my personal experiences, a Latino is a Latino, regardless of whether he or she is from Mexico, Honduras, or Michigan. Sure, many people think Cubans and their deadly Republicanism are annoying, but they are still our brothers and sisters, we love them just the same. My black friends, however, see themselves as having an entirely different identity from even the second and third generation Haitian and Jamaican people they know. They simply aren’t black according to them.

My criticism is thus, how can these communities celebrate the entrance of a viable minority candidate while simultaneously picking his identity to pieces?

There is nothing wrong with an Afro-Centric perspective and point of view on the candidacy of Barack Obama. What I believe is inherently wrong, however, is how a surprising percentage of the community’s intellectual backbone is holding the man at arms length while he so clearly better represents their interests.

My $0.02.

A “non-partisan” think tank in Tennessee is accusing Gore of being a carbon hypocrite based off of his year-old energy bill.  Our old buddy Drudge is citing a local ABC news affiliate’s story on the supposed scandal.

Since this story has been on the burner all day, and since you’ve probably already read about it extensivel, I’m going to focus my ire on the think tank itself.  The Tennessee Center for Policy Research has dedicated it’s “non-partisan” energy to exposing government waste and the inevitable destruction of our nation’s moral, idealogical, and machine-washable fabric.

This is yet another hypocritical “Libertarian” think tank, the same sort of obtuse idiots who think people actually care about government waste and spending.  No, my uppity WASP-ish friends, the average person does not care at ALL about government spending.  Democrats enjoy their commie-pinko welfare state and Republicans enjoy their dystopic military-industrial complex.  The notion that the average citizen will be even minutely swayed by your painstaking research is laughable.

Your “non-partisanship” is also laughable, as is your conservatism, and your smug sense of self-righteousness (which is considerably more egregious than mine, thank you very much).  Drudge as well as countless other right-wing pundits repeatedly attack Gore for his “hypocrisy” towards the environment because he rides in planes and drives cars.  Well the man has speaking engagements all over the world, he can’t very well fly a hemp powered hippie zeppelin all over the country, much less take a bike to China.

Focus on fixing your own inconsistencies first, kthx.

What an excellent start to my blog, but hey, the truth hurts.

Putnam was elected to the house in 2001, and the 32-year-old uber-conservative has, in recent months, been acting as the pointed weapon (read: functioning penis) of the Republican minority. The GOP has used him as a strategic mouthpiece due to his relatively innocuous committee assignments and he’s been the House Republican Conference Chairman since last November.

I just don’t like him. He’s loud, obnoxious, and is constantly ragging on Pelosi for “breaking campaign” promises even though the Democrats have been in power for less than two months.

I have no problem with Republicans per se, I’ve even voted for one or two. Many of them are nice enough and they tend to have impeccably parted hair, but Putnam strikes me as a disturbing indicator of the rising tide of young arch-conservatives. A brand of right-wing ideology that discourages compromise and discourse in favor of sharp parliamentary tactics that swing policy from left to right without taking into account any sincere reason.

Whatever, I’ll stop with the big words now. The guy even looks like a douche bag.

Just look at him.

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