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I’ll just come right out and say it, my home computer blew-up.

It seems that my self-professed computer genius was good enough to have my iMac meltdown on me…so there may be some issues with how often the site is updated in the next few days.

Regardless, stay tuned, I’ll still post as often as I can, and hopefully those clever hipsters at the Apple Store will be able to get me running again.

WashPo is reporting that Fred Thompson is seriously, seriously, considering running for President because he’s totally serious about thinking it over seriously.

The only reason he’s even being considered is due to the utter lack of any compelling Republican candidate. GOP primary voters can choose between a liberal, thrice divorced 9/11 shilling moron, a 900-year-old kooky POW who almost flipped sides, or self-righteous Mormon dude with fantastic hair.

Part of Thompson’s allure is that hypocritical gene within thelooking1.jpg Republican genome that craves to have an actor return to the Oval Office. Conservatives were at their peak when Ronnie Reagan was at the helm, the man inspired an entire generation of youthful liberals to vote for him with nothing more than a homey grandpa-like swagger and two million gallons of Just for Men.

If he enters the race, and I’m pretty certain he will, the GOP primary could get a LOT more interesting.

According to The Hill, our good friend Johnny McCain seriously entertained leaving the GOP in 2001. After the obscene reaming he received from the Bush campaign in South Carolina and by the Swift Boat guys throughout the primary, then Senate majority leader Tom Daschle and several other key Democratic strategists reportedly courted three Republicans as possible deserters.mccain1.jpg

The three were not very surprising. Lincoln Chafee, the liberal Republican from Rhode Island, Jim Jeffords, another liberal Republican from Vermont, and McCain, a conservative Republican…but a maverick and a loose cannon who brought rock and roll to Pleasantville.

Jeffords, who had long wanted to bolt from the GOP, had no political capitol to lose in the state that brought you Howard Dean, Ben and Jerry’s, and hippies armed to the tooth. When Jeffords made his announcement, the other two immediately withdrew themselves from consideration, worried that a relatively large defection would hurt reelection efforts and jeopardize their committee placements should the Republicans regain power.

No doubt this will further hurt his primary fight should the story get legs. Looks like the Straight Talk Express will finally have to do some straight talkin’.

Bob Barr, the Outer-Loop’s favorite Clinton impeachment architect turned uber-libertarian point man has become a lobbyist for the ganja-nistas.mn_samesex01.jpg

In recent months, the former GOP Georgia congressman has been an outspoken critic of the administration and the Republican Party as a whole…so much so that he publicly left the GOP to head the U.S. Libertarian Party. He also joined the ACLU as a privacy consultant.

Barr is famous for leading the morality charge against Clinton, only to have his oh-so-dirty laundry aired out by Larry Flynt in a famous full-page ad in the Washington Post. Barr is also famous for tasting some of Borat’s delicious cheese.

What’s next? Maybe he’ll smoke a bowl and plug Universal Healthcare. We can only hope.

Via the Politico

According to the AP, Vilsack has reached out to the Hillary camp to pay off his remaining campaign debt. This comes just days after Vilsack endorsed Mizz Hillary for the Democratic Nomination.tom-vilsack.gif


Haha, come on.

It is ballsy though, especially on the part of the Clinton camp. Why would you so visibly purchase an endorsement? How will this help her in her fight against Obama in the primary? Does Vilsack really want to be Veep THAT bad?

Via the HuffPo and AP. 

Tony “Grrrrrreat!” Snow is in the hospital once again to treat a remission of his cancer. Doctors found a cancerous growth on his pelvis, a sentence that was simultaneously cool, gross, and tragic to type just now.tony-snow1.jpg

Snow may be an administration hack, but he’s easily the most skilled and respectable press secretary this administration has ever had. He’s known for being a very nice guy, he’s a supporter of public radio (hell, he used to be on evil-communist NPR’s payroll), and I’ll bet that privately he’s a big proponent of stem cell research (duh)…in other words he’s the kind of Republican you can invite to your birthday party.

I wish Snow the best in his bout with the disease.


Senator Jim Webb (D, VA), for reasons unknown, decided to give his LOADED PISTOL to Phillip Thompson, his executive assistant, to bring into the Capitol. Apparently, Thompson tried to smuggle the weapon into the capitol “in a bag” while Webb was parking his car.pistol-treat.jpg

Haha, oh man.

Under congressional rules, only Congressmen and Senators are allowed to carry loaded weapons on Federal grounds. Webb, who is a pretty big 2nd Amendment proponent among Democrats, is I’m sure ready to light that place up right now.

Thompson was charged with carrying a pistol without a license and for possessing unregistered ammunition. Can’t WAIT to see how this turns out.

Thanks to Wonkette and…sigh…Drudge.

Oh that crazy Adam Putnam, he’s like Rahm Emanuel sans style, tact, or strategic insight.adam_putnam.jpg

The Times quotes Dennis Hastert the Hutt as calling Douchnam a “fresh face” for the GOP, which is apparently code for “Howdy-Doody”.

Putnam’s role as head of the Republican Conference charges him with energizing the base and forming the issues of the party. Unlike the whip, whose role is specifically designed to gather votes among party members, the Conference chair acts as the face of the party in the house, doling out advice, distributing talking points, reminding people that he is used to cleanse uteri, etc.

My favorite quote from the Times piece:

“He won handily, and on the day he was sworn in, Mr. Putnam recalled, he rushed up the front steps of the Capitol, only to have a police officer grab him by the shoulder. The officer gestured at the Congressional pin on his lapel and demanded: “Where’d you get that pin?”

“I worked very hard for that pin,” Mr. Putnam responded.

The police officer realized his mistake: “You must be the new kid from Florida we’ve been hearing about.””

Aww shucks.

But like it or not, Putnam is the future of the party. Ideologically immobile Tom Delay Jr’s, willing to do away with public discourse entirely in favor of stark, shallow partisan attacks.

Not to say the Democrats don’t do the same thing – they most certainly do – but man…you’d be hard pressed to find an asshole as big as Putnam on our side of the isle.

Wait, just kidding. Lieberman’s a prick, too.

WashPo is reporting that none other than Mr. Orphan Annie himself is going to formally endorse Sen. Clinton on Monday.tom-vilsack.gif

This will do wonders for her support among, um, Iowans, but as is evidenced by her husband’s campaign in 1992…that’s not necessarily indicative of anything. Remember that Bill Clinton skipped the Iowa caucus entirely and still won the nomination.

This is not a suprise, Vilsack was the former head of the Democratic Leadership Council which is codename for The Bill Clinton Proverbial Fellators Club. The organization is a pro-business moderate wing of the Democratic Party that is currently headed by former Representative and Football/Girl loving Harold Ford.

Regardless, this will add a bit of drama to the race considering Edwards’ sad week and Obama’s little dustup with that fake Apple Ad.

Let’s see what happens next week, no?

Drudge and the Politico, one is a right-wing smear merchant with a stranglehold on the media’s self respect, the other is a once respected, overly hyped District rag that has managed to lose more credibility in one day than it has gained popping ads during the Daily Show.

Both are excitedly exclaiming what could be the most pointless, idiotic, and politically selfish act in modern history. After more than a century of taxation without representation the District was once again refused Congressional enfranchisement so the GOP could give the Democrats a parliamentary black-eye.

Here’s what happened, the Democrats brought the bill to the floor for a vote.  The Republicans then made a surprise motion to repeal DC’s 1979 ban on hand guns, this surprised everyone and forced Pelosi to pull the bill.

Why you ask?  Because the DC ban on handguns was voted on by the residents of the city, not congress.  Most Democrats agree with the ban, but Blue Dog Dems (the coalition of conservative Democrats who represent very conservative, often Republican leaning districts) were forced to support the measure or risk losing the endorsement of gun rights advocates who are a staple in their conservative home districts.  This would have made the bill a bit contradictory, granting the city a vote in congress but simultaneously violating its statute of home rule…either way it makes the majority look like fools.

I agree that the hand gun ban is unconstitutional and should be eventually repealed, but this particular situation deserves a bit more sensitivity since the representation of more than 600,000 taxpayers was at stake.

This is truly deplorable and Republicans should be ashamed of themselves.

Via The Politico

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