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Oh Ann, I hope you don’t change a bit.

It must be tough representing the inner monologues of countless young, uppity conservatives, pretending to be unique and audacious.

What I’m curious to see is what happens when her novelty feistiness runs out? When her hair turns noticeably gray and wrinkles start fighting their way down her face.

Conservatism has always been a uniquely male entity, it has a built-in patriarchy that in its most harmless perspective says “father knows best” and in its most harmful says “mother knows nothing.”

Dean has asked the GOP to denounce her, I don’t really know what the GOP has to do with this but they’ll probably distance themselves from the statement at some point.

What I find so disturbing about the video is the hesitation from the audience at first, followed by enthusiastic applause. Everyone in the room knows what the word faggot means, they know what she’s referring to and they know what she is insinuating…and they love her for it.

For all of the seething liberals, here’s a nice pic I found on the interweb.

Coulter = Man

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