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California is currently considering moving its Presidential primary, normally held in June, up to February 5th of 2008. The argument seems to be a legitimate one, by June the candidate has all but been decided. California, home to a plurality of the country’s delegates, should have a larger say in the nomination process. The only problem is that several states are considering the same exact move to the same exact date.

This leaves poor old Iowa and New Hampshire in the cold, and all but destroys the chances of dark horse candidates (Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton anyone?) getting enough exposure to win the nomination.

Since this decision is likely to go through, this justifies a Presidential contest starting so early. Candidates have to fund their races and create a tangible presence among primary voters. Announcing an exploratory committee allows you to begin collecting moolah without being subject to the stricter campaign finance laws you’d have to adhere to once you officially announce.

People need to stop being so obtuse and cynical about the race starting so early, if states continue moving their primaries without considering the broader implications of the move…then the campaigning process will begin earlier and earlier each year.

UPDATE:  Herr Guhvuhnuh has officially signed off on CA’s primary date change.

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