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Good morning ladies and gents, after a lovely weekend cavorting around the District I’ve come back energized, rested, and less hungover than I was Sunday morning after Saturday’s Shamrock Fest at RFK.

Aspirin is my friend.

Anyhoo, today is the day that a certain “maverick” Senator from a certain “state” called Nebraska might declare is “intention” to run for the Presidency of “the” United States. Hagel would jump in as either the anti-war Republican candidate or as an independent.

His stance as the lone anti-Iraq war gunman on the Righty side of the isle has infuriated his colleagues in the GOP and has given him an immense amount of appeal on the left…who are way too lazy to look at his very Republican voting record.

The OuterLoop will keep you posted throughout the day on whether or not Hagel decides to lose the Presidency.

UPDATE: 11:37 AM, Hagel says he will decide on a Presidential run later this year…proves that no one can get anything done over the weekend.

UPDATE 2.0:  For some reason, I accidentally added an “Al Sharpton” tag to this post.  I intend to leave it there just to screw with people.

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