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Riding the wave of popularity he’s receiving in Iowa, Mitt Romney sat down for an interview with WHO’s Jan Mickelson, whose parents obviously did not love him or his younger sister, Tyrone.

Anyway, Mickelson’s show is apparently quite influential in Iowa’s conservative circles and his show has been frequented by many of the other candidates running for the nomination, except for Giuliani who’s running for President of 9/11.

The interview, which you can see below in all of it’s youtube-ified glory, starts warmly. Romney catches a few softballs, drops the names of a couple of local restaurants that his personal assistants may or may not have briefed him on before hand, and basically pretends he isn’t a multi-millionaire liberal elitist Latter Day Douchebag. However, as the questions get dicier, Romney does something I never thought he was capable of…he counters with reasonable and well thought out positions on his faith and his personal social policy.

Check out the action below, it’s well worth a look.

The host, Elaine Mickelson, apparently felt slighted by Romney’s previously concealed testicles and leaked the video to the media insinuating that he had just orchestrated the downfall of Mitt Romney.

Instead, Mitt comes off as opinionated but reasonable, and he alludes to the inclusion of Democratic and left-leaning personal friends of his who are not only in the upper echelons of his typically conservative church, but who actively espouse domestic policy positions that differ from his own. In other words, as Dolores Mickelson continues to accuse Romney of forsaking his faith because of his previous (bullshit) positions on abortion rights, Romney says, almost verbatim, that pro-choice does not equal pro-abortion and that the Democrats in his church are no less moral and sincere than he is.

I know what you’re thinking, “But Romney isn’t sincere. He flip flops like a pair of Reefs, but without the beer bottle opener in the sole.”

Well you’re right, but this glimpse of a more reasonable human being is exactly what is missing from the rest of the GOP field. If I had to pick any Republican to run this country, and I say this with as much hesitant bile and tar as American grammar allows, I would feel better having Romney in the White House than any other GOP candidate in the field.

Well, only if Tyrone Mickelson didn’t want the job.

Thanks to The Politico for the tip.

What has two thumbs and loves the ladies?Louisiana is famous for its corrupt politics. Since judges are elected there, a defendant could conceivably donate money to the campaign of his own judge, something that could make justice a little tougher to find in the upper echelons of the state’s aristocracy.

It’s elected officials, however, are an entirely different breed of corrupt…a more entertaining breed. First William Jefferson’s freezer full o’ money and now David Vitter’s hooker-tastic evenings…what will come up next? Will Mary Landreau start exposing herself to children at the Smithsonian? Maybe Bobby Jindal will start selling crack hidden in his Bible out of the LoC? Who knows?

Vitter was elected in 2004, so there’s really nothing politically interesting here. This story will have dissipated by 2010 for sure. Mary Landreau will still lose her reelection campaign next year, Jindal will still win the Governor’s seat, and Jefferson will still be a douchebag.

One thing that might be considered redeeming about this entire situation is the ridiculous mentality voters have that American politicians have to be perfect, likable, gee whiz idiots to get elected. A lot of this is media driven, for sure, only in America do politicians get elected based on whether or not you’d like to have a beer with them.

Instead what happens is shrewd, brilliant, competent candidates like Bill Bradley, or even Hillary Clinton, get castigated by people saying “Well I just don’t like him/her”.

That’s ridiculous, you don’t have to like someone to know that they’ll do a great job, Democrats are lucky they have a slew of competent, capable, fantastic candidates in every tier who would make great Presidents. The Republicans? Well, Romney and McCain are the only two I see as being even remotely competent enough to handle running a country.

So, getting back to my original point, who cares that Vitter screwed a hooker? We should instead be caring that he’s a terrible Senator that has accomplished nothing significant while in office. There are some very smart Republicans in the Senate that seem to be doing all the legworkwhile Vitter manages to find the time to cheat on his wife with an overpaid college student.

Fantastic, next.

Those mulch pocketing liberals at Think Progress point out a lovely quote from CNN. Referring to our old friend AG Alberto Gonzales, Putnam was quoted saying:John Boehner is about to wreck this kid...

“He did not distinguish himself in the hearing… There remains a cloud over the Department… I think they would be well served by fresh leadership.”

This is coming from the third highest Republican in the House and, alongside Prince Harry and Finnish President Tarja Halonen, one of the world’s most powerful gingers.

Everyone knows that Gonzo needs to, and will eventually, skee-daddle.  The only question is will it be soon enough to offset the political damage it has already caused this White House?

My vote is no.

Oh that crazy Adam Putnam, he’s like Rahm Emanuel sans style, tact, or strategic insight.adam_putnam.jpg

The Times quotes Dennis Hastert the Hutt as calling Douchnam a “fresh face” for the GOP, which is apparently code for “Howdy-Doody”.

Putnam’s role as head of the Republican Conference charges him with energizing the base and forming the issues of the party. Unlike the whip, whose role is specifically designed to gather votes among party members, the Conference chair acts as the face of the party in the house, doling out advice, distributing talking points, reminding people that he is used to cleanse uteri, etc.

My favorite quote from the Times piece:

“He won handily, and on the day he was sworn in, Mr. Putnam recalled, he rushed up the front steps of the Capitol, only to have a police officer grab him by the shoulder. The officer gestured at the Congressional pin on his lapel and demanded: “Where’d you get that pin?”

“I worked very hard for that pin,” Mr. Putnam responded.

The police officer realized his mistake: “You must be the new kid from Florida we’ve been hearing about.””

Aww shucks.

But like it or not, Putnam is the future of the party. Ideologically immobile Tom Delay Jr’s, willing to do away with public discourse entirely in favor of stark, shallow partisan attacks.

Not to say the Democrats don’t do the same thing – they most certainly do – but man…you’d be hard pressed to find an asshole as big as Putnam on our side of the isle.

Wait, just kidding. Lieberman’s a prick, too.

Anyone who’s been to D.C. in the past few years has no doubt seen the brilliant “Taxation Without Representation” license plates. For those who don’t know, D.C.’s nearly 600,000 residents are forced to pay federal income taxes, yet still do not have a vote in congress.

DC Vote License Plate

Why can’t they have a vote? Well, there are several schools of thought on the subject of its constitutionality, Article 1, Section 2, Clause 1 of the United States Consitution says thus:

The House of Representatives shall be composed of members chosen every second year by the people of the several states, and the electors in each state shall have the qualifications requisite for electors of the most numerous branch of the state legislature.”

Strict constructionists will argue that since the District is not technically a state, it cannot have voting rights in congress. Proponents of voting rights argue that the constitution places the hands of D.C. primarily into that of the congress, so an amendment would not be necessary.

The political reasons are fairly simple and are the frank reality behind the city not getting represented properly. D.C. is strongly Democratic, the numbers are roughly 9 to 1 if not more. According to the last U.S. census, George W. Bush was the only Republican in Washington…and he wasn’t even President yet.

Republicans fear that by giving D.C. a seat, a fairly innocuous thing in and of itself, it will be a slippery slope towards full statehood/Senate representation, a prospect that is far more damaging to the Republicans.

The House has created a compromise, however. Former GOP Rep. Jack Kemp was, to his credit, one of the largest proponents of unconditional voting rights for D.C. After he retired, VA GOP Rep. Tom Davis, who is otherwise a douchebag (like Adam Putnam), took on the mantel of D.C. voting rights ninja in the 109th congress. His solution was to grant the District its House rep and also add a seat to Utah who had been clamoring for another one since the last census.

Most people in D.C. noticed this transparent and childish political tactic, but the general consensus was that it was fine as long as the District finally got the right to vote in its own interests.

New House Judiciary Committee Chairman John “Slow Talker” Conyers has revived the bill and it looks as though it will be successfully pushed through the House. The Senate and Executive, however, are a different story.

In the Senate, you’ll find Democrats and Republicans opposing the measure. Why? The Republicans are dead afraid of two liberal Democrat Senators popping up from the city, and Democrats from small states are afraid of the dilution of their power. The measure could be voted down, or it could be filibustered. It will likely never reach the President.

But if it does reach the Oval Office, the President has quite a conundrum on his hands. Bush is more than likely beginning to think of his legacy now. With Iraq and Afghanistan not doing so well, his tax cuts looking less and less stable, his MediCare program on the rocks, and his attempts at reforming social security destroyed…he needs to think about something he can spin positively in the years to come.

Imagine being the President that brought voting rights to a city with a population larger than that of the entire state of Wyoming? Conversely, the President could be spooked by the possibility of Eleanor Holmes-Norton actually having a say in something and veto the bill. There are quite a few possibilities.

So, like Sisyphus, D.C. continues rolling the great rock that is voting rights up the hill, only to have it likely come crashing down again. Unlike Sisyphus, however, the rock actually means something, and at least Sisyphus didn’t have to pay taxes for the hill.

There is nothing new in this post, I just stumbled across this video and it reminded me of what a douchebag this guy truly is.

Plus, I have an excuse to use my “douchebag” tag for a second time in a week.

BTW, to all those outside of the District, the “moonie” paper is a reference to the uber-right wing daily The Washington Times, which is owned by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon.

Rev. Moon is a lunatic, that’s pretty much all there is to say.

What an excellent start to my blog, but hey, the truth hurts.

Putnam was elected to the house in 2001, and the 32-year-old uber-conservative has, in recent months, been acting as the pointed weapon (read: functioning penis) of the Republican minority. The GOP has used him as a strategic mouthpiece due to his relatively innocuous committee assignments and he’s been the House Republican Conference Chairman since last November.

I just don’t like him. He’s loud, obnoxious, and is constantly ragging on Pelosi for “breaking campaign” promises even though the Democrats have been in power for less than two months.

I have no problem with Republicans per se, I’ve even voted for one or two. Many of them are nice enough and they tend to have impeccably parted hair, but Putnam strikes me as a disturbing indicator of the rising tide of young arch-conservatives. A brand of right-wing ideology that discourages compromise and discourse in favor of sharp parliamentary tactics that swing policy from left to right without taking into account any sincere reason.

Whatever, I’ll stop with the big words now. The guy even looks like a douche bag.

Just look at him.

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