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Here at the OuterLoop, we don’t have too many horrendous puns. But seeing as how our status in the blogosphere relies on them pretty heavily, we have to oblige. What’s great is that they don’t even have to make sense! Yaay!

Back on topic,’s Chris Cillizza (who could have easily titled the post “Domenici’s Domenono”, I’mpetedomenici.jpg disappointed, Chris) wrote about a very, very juicy – and ethically abhorrent – incident in New Mexico. Basically, Federal prosecutors were investigating several New Mexico Democrats in a very thinly-veiled political maneuver to win a few more seats in 2006. The investigation backfired on Republicans in NM, causing Rep. Heather Wilson (R, NM) to call U.S. Attorney David Iglesias personally to inquire about the status of the probe…i.e. cut it out. This call was followed about one week later by a similar call from Sen. Domenici, who had some strong words for Mr. Iglesias.

Eventually, Sen. Domenici called Atty Gen. Gonzales to have Mr. Iglesias, and six other U.S. Attorneys fired…most of them with favorable performance reviews.

Gonzales then hired seven new attorneys who would be more accepting of the administration’s “legal philosophy” including a former senior aide to Karl Rove.

Is there any meat to this story? Not really. Domenici is already in hot water, and considering his lingering health problems and his being a fogey…there’s a good chance he’ll step aside and let another Republican run for his seat in 2008.

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