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Stupid macacas, always ruining undeserved political careers.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that good ole boy George Allen, my former Governor, Senator, and bigot-in-chief, has taken a position at the Young America’s Foundation as a “Reagan Scholar”.george-allen.JPG The position is part-time and will last him about 18 months, long enough for him to chew his tobacco into a cohesive paste to fix the leaks in his roof since he’s soon going to be too poor to make payments on it.

Not that I wish him ill, on the contrary, his wife is pretty hot, but I would like him to experience a few other notches on the socioeconomic ladder in hopes of instilling a bit of perspective on his vehemently anti-tax record.

Also, this position essentially turns him into a think tank policy intellectual, a role he has been battling against his entire life. It will be interesting to see what this utterly meaningless position will mean for his political future, if he even has one. In 2005, he was one of the top contenders for the 2008 nomination, making trips to Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina a regular part of his day to day asshole-ishness.

How things change, Georgy.

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