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A “non-partisan” think tank in Tennessee is accusing Gore of being a carbon hypocrite based off of his year-old energy bill.  Our old buddy Drudge is citing a local ABC news affiliate’s story on the supposed scandal.

Since this story has been on the burner all day, and since you’ve probably already read about it extensivel, I’m going to focus my ire on the think tank itself.  The Tennessee Center for Policy Research has dedicated it’s “non-partisan” energy to exposing government waste and the inevitable destruction of our nation’s moral, idealogical, and machine-washable fabric.

This is yet another hypocritical “Libertarian” think tank, the same sort of obtuse idiots who think people actually care about government waste and spending.  No, my uppity WASP-ish friends, the average person does not care at ALL about government spending.  Democrats enjoy their commie-pinko welfare state and Republicans enjoy their dystopic military-industrial complex.  The notion that the average citizen will be even minutely swayed by your painstaking research is laughable.

Your “non-partisanship” is also laughable, as is your conservatism, and your smug sense of self-righteousness (which is considerably more egregious than mine, thank you very much).  Drudge as well as countless other right-wing pundits repeatedly attack Gore for his “hypocrisy” towards the environment because he rides in planes and drives cars.  Well the man has speaking engagements all over the world, he can’t very well fly a hemp powered hippie zeppelin all over the country, much less take a bike to China.

Focus on fixing your own inconsistencies first, kthx.

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