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ABC News released the staggering numbers behind Barry’s fundraising this quarter.

In a nutshell, Diet Jesus raised some $23.5 million for the primary campaign, versus Hillary’s $20 million. Now keep in mind that Hillary actually raised $26 million total, and allotted $6 mil of that to the general election…still, though, Barry really blew her out of the water in this capacity. The number is staggering for several reasons:obama.jpg

  • It is the most that has EVER been raised in a single quarter for a primary campaign
  • It is the most money a Democrat has ever raised for a primary campaign (although Hillary still has him beat overall)
  • Obama had more donors than Hillary and Edwards combined, and 90 percent of his donors donated $100 or less which means they are more likely to give again and are legally capable of giving him considerably more money in the future
  • He managed to do this with only individual donations, without accepting a penny from any PACs or lobbyists

See why this is so amazing now?

A lot of fuss has been made about the dollar amounts the various candidates have announced this quarter.

Momma has her $26 million plus a $10 million surplus from her senate race. Although he hasn’t officially announced his earnings yet, Obama reportedly used his Diet Jesus skills to net some $21-23 million.

Edwards chimed in with roughly $14 million, while Richardson pulled in a not-too-shabby $6 million. Dodd swung $4 million, I guess being chair of the Senate Banking Committee helps, and Biden pulled a measly $2 million.

On the Republican side, the Stormin’ Mormon kicked major GOP ass with $22 million, Giuliani came in second with $14 million, and McCain lagged behind with a paltry $12.5 million considering he still thinks he’s the inevitable candidate.

The real winners here? At first glance you’d say Clinton and Romney, and you’d be half right.

Clinton was fully expected to rake in cash, and even this enormous number is not all that surprising, but the real star of the Democrats is a Mr. Obama, who managed to net a larger donation base, with over 80,000 donors, than Clinton and her 50,000. Most of Obama’s donors obviously did not contribute the maximum, which means Obama has an entire mailing list of donors who are legally capable of donating more money and who have been willing to do so in the past.

On the GOP side, Romney is the clear winner here. Considering the man lacks any real name recognition outside of Massachusetts and Utah he has managed to propel his campaign to the top of the financial totem pole with his rolodex alone. Whether he has staying power remains to be seen…

Another interesting point to make is that, despite these numbers being record shattering in and of themselves, what is most interesting are the disparity between the Democratic and Republican candidates. Romney beat out every other Republican candidate, yet tied Obama in terms of funds. Even Biden and his 2 mil beat out all of the other 2nd and 3rd tier GOP candidates by leaps and bounds. Huckabee managed a pitiful $500,000.

Now lets see what things look like this summer when the second quarter results are due.

There is a lot of speculation as to what Edwards will announce in a couple of hours. Most of it seems to center around the health of Elizabeth Edwards who has been battling breast cancer that was apparently in remission.

The Outer-Loop will keep you posted as to the future of Edwards’ campaign.

On a personal level, I hope his wife is alright. She is a delightful and powerful example of a strong woman beside a strong man. I wish her the best.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: I tried to hold off speculation, but since everyone from Drudge to CNN is doing it, then hell, I might as well, too.

The Politico is reporting that Edwards will suspend his campaign in order to be with his wife, whose cancer has apparently returned. We wish her, and him, the best.

UPDATE AGAIN:  Just kidding, he’s going all the way!  Good for you Johnny Boy!

A woman working at John Edwards’ campaign headquarters in Chapel Hill opened a letter yesterday filled with white powder. According to the New Observer, the envelope was harmless.edwards_convention_5.jpg

The Edwards campaign seems to have been targeted repeatedly by unprovoked negative attacks by the right recently. His candidacy is holding down the 3rd place slot behind Momma and Obama, so I don’t understand why his campaign is such a threat as to warrant what is essentially terrorism. His campaign will no doubt use this news bite to bolster its numbers, just as the Ann Coulter episode helped put his campaign back on the blog map.

So far, the media hasn’t really picked up on this. Drudge has no mention about the anthrax scare, the only coverage on the site regarding Edwards at all is Obama’s odd, but funny, homoerotic aside.

If these stunts keep up, Edwards will be the nominee…his position as the resident southern honky on the Democrat side of the aisle could really put the vice on the Republicans’ respective honky.

Could we potentially have a true blue (and red) honky-off in the works?

While I’m no fan or apologist of Fox News, ratings don’t lie. Roger Ailes has done wonders with the network and created an entirely new genre of news, namely news mixed with advocacy. Most liberals think this is insidious, I tend to think about it a bit differently…cable TV is about format and these news networks shouldn’t be held in the same regard as broadcast news.

edwards_mug_28_12-28-2006_7m9clld.jpg But I digress, sort of.

My point here is that John Edwards announced he would be skipping the debate there because it is being hosted by Fox News. Nevermind that the DNC is actually running the debate, Fox News gets to plaster their name in the background and this is apparently unacceptable.

Daily Kos and are eating this up, citing Edwards as the new Diet Jesus with Splenda (as opposed to the original Diet Jesus). I realize he’s trying to energize liberal primary voters, but with Edwards missing at that debate it will increasingly be a game of Tomayto/Tomahto between Obama and Clinton…a spectacle that will benefit them both.

Writing off an entire demographic, even one that is less likely to vote for you, is not particularly smart at this juncture. When you’re simply trying to stay competitive with funds, you don’t have the luxury of skipping debates. Edwards has a real chance at winning this nomination, his campaign is more mature and his policies are more pointed and tangible than any other Presidential candidate, Republican or Democrat. Chances are good that someone watching that debate will be swayed to at least write him a check. Left or Right, I think it’s pretty clear that John Edwards is the hardest working campaigner from either party.

Skipping this debate, even if it is a meaningless gesture, is a mistake.

Oh Ann, I hope you don’t change a bit.

It must be tough representing the inner monologues of countless young, uppity conservatives, pretending to be unique and audacious.

What I’m curious to see is what happens when her novelty feistiness runs out? When her hair turns noticeably gray and wrinkles start fighting their way down her face.

Conservatism has always been a uniquely male entity, it has a built-in patriarchy that in its most harmless perspective says “father knows best” and in its most harmful says “mother knows nothing.”

Dean has asked the GOP to denounce her, I don’t really know what the GOP has to do with this but they’ll probably distance themselves from the statement at some point.

What I find so disturbing about the video is the hesitation from the audience at first, followed by enthusiastic applause. Everyone in the room knows what the word faggot means, they know what she’s referring to and they know what she is insinuating…and they love her for it.

For all of the seething liberals, here’s a nice pic I found on the interweb.

Coulter = Man


Not content with minor coincidences, Barack Obama’s ancestry apparently poked through Drudge the other day and found out about the Strom Thurmond/Al Sharpton connection. From the Baltimore Sun:

“According to the research, one of Obama’s great-great-great-great grandfathers, George Washington Overall, owned two slaves who were recorded in the 1850 census in Nelson County, Ky. The same records show that one of Obama’s great-great-great-great-great-grandmothers, Mary Duvall, also owned two slaves”

The Hillary camp will no doubt use this as ammo when the REALLY greasy politics comes into play during primary season especially considering how important the black vote is in the primary. Here are some other interesting tidbits from the piece:

“Reitwiesner’s research identifies two other presidential candidates, Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona and former Democratic Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina, as descendants of slave owners. Three of McCain’s great-great-grandfathers in Mississippi owned slaves, including one who owned 52 in 1860. Two ancestors of Edwards owned one slave each in Georgia in 1860.”

There, that’s more like it. Let’s level the playing field a little bit.

Anyone else find it disturbing that all this is coming up now? I mean, I understand all the hubbub about Strom Thurmond, first off he’s dead, and secondly it wasn’t as though he was a good person. I fear the worst when the most compelling thing about a campaign right now revolves around what your great-great-great-great grandfather did.

I like John Edwards, really I do.

He’s smart, capable, his policies are well thought out, he’s also a fantastic apologizer.

Sen. Edwards' Ugly MugWhy then is he so damned irrelevant? The man is an attractive candidate with lots of money and the blogosphere for some reason or another wants to jump his bones. He’s organized a massive strategic campaign aimed at winning every major primary…yet his main strategy seems to be proclaiming again and again how sorry he is about Iraq and how much sorrier he is for his vote than the other guys.

He’s a slick politician, that’s for sure, but if he were to win the nomination by playing as far to the left as he already is, I’d be interested to see what it will take to win the general election. He might have to pull a Romney and lose every ounce of respect he has.

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