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As if he could do anything else to further infuriate his former Democratic base, it has been revealed that Sen. Lieberman (I, CT) took $20,000 from Swift Boat financier Sam Fox…who has been nominated as the U.S. Ambassador to Belgium.

Sure, that’s a pretty shitty thing to do overall.  But Lieberman isn’t exactly in dire straits, he is in an absolutely priceless political position.  Due to the very small majority with which the Dems control the Senate, he gets to keep all of his seniority with the Democrats as far as committee assignments go.  But if the party’s were to switch back over in 2008, he could simply walk over to the other side of the isle and ask for similar committee assignments.

Personally, I think Lieberman’s choice to run as an independent was good for the country overall.  What really pisses me off about this entire situation is Lieberman’s willingness to blackmail both parties for optimum political influence.  He has the most political capital of any American politician, yet he hasn’t done anything to deserve it other than stubbornly support the war in Iraq.

Lieberman ran as an “Independent Democrat” yet he has done everything possible to remind the party that he is no longer one of them…as though that were anyone’s fault but his.  He chose to invalidate the primary process, and good for him, it needed a good swift kick in the ass anyway.

But the Senator needs to realize he owes his entire political career to the Democratic Party, especially when 2008 comes along.

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