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Bob Barr, the Outer-Loop’s favorite Clinton impeachment architect turned uber-libertarian point man has become a lobbyist for the ganja-nistas.mn_samesex01.jpg

In recent months, the former GOP Georgia congressman has been an outspoken critic of the administration and the Republican Party as a whole…so much so that he publicly left the GOP to head the U.S. Libertarian Party. He also joined the ACLU as a privacy consultant.

Barr is famous for leading the morality charge against Clinton, only to have his oh-so-dirty laundry aired out by Larry Flynt in a famous full-page ad in the Washington Post. Barr is also famous for tasting some of Borat’s delicious cheese.

What’s next? Maybe he’ll smoke a bowl and plug Universal Healthcare. We can only hope.

Via the Politico

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