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John Warner, the Republican Senior Senator from Virginny, is counting his ducklings 29 years after they had hatched.

While he hasn’t officially indicated he’ll be retiring, WashPo reports that herentmegop.jpg has raised a meager $500 in the first fiscal quarter of the year.

This might not seem like news, but the important thing to remember is that with popular incumbents, like Sen. Warner, lobbyists and PACs will typically contribute to the campaign without even asking…like those annoying auction snipers on eBay. In essence, you have to really try NOT to raise money when you’ve been a popular Senator for three decades.

Warner has been a powerful advocate for VA, and a great leader. I don’t agree with his politics, but there is no debating his positive mark on the state.

Taking his place on the Republican ticket would be none other than my own douchebag Republican representative Tom “I Pray My Headaches Away” Davis. The likely Democratic challenger would be homestate hero and former Governor Mark “Bill Clinton Jr” Warner, who consequently is close personal friends with the former Warner…and no they aren’t related.

Should be a fun race. We’ll keep you posted.

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