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Wonkette scored a big 10 points by finding an old indexed page belonging to Alberto Gonzales’ #1 Fif ammendment ho, Monica Goodling.

Check out this lovely waste of bandwidth here.

Since Wonkette already got most of the good digs, I’ll save my criticism for this picture of her “Guy” friends.


Let’s start with the dude on the left, who’s name I believe is “Greg”. From this super low-res pic, he looks a gay Elliot Stabler. According to the caption, Monica and this guy had some sort of tension going on, although that’s unlikely because he is obviously into dudes.

The next guy is obviously the loser tag along, you know…the guy who hangs out in the back and tries to throw in a quip now and again in an attempt to feel like he’s part of the group. Thumbs down buddy.

Dude number three, well, there just isn’t much left to say now is there?.

Manly man #4 exudes his masculinity by leaving the top two buttons on his London Fog jacket unbuttoned, y’know, for zeh ladies. Those pale highwater jeans also prove this man means business, and his awkward toothy smile coupled with his contemptuous stare towards guy number 5 is quite telling.

Finally, guy number five, also known as “sore thumb” and “boy” by the rest of this entourage is hanging out to the side on a separate but equal portion of the sidewalk. He’s laughing hysterically at the prospect that being a minority at an ultra-right wing university might actually do something to help your future career. I’d like to see what this guy is up to right now.

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