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Those mulch pocketing liberals at Think Progress point out a lovely quote from CNN. Referring to our old friend AG Alberto Gonzales, Putnam was quoted saying:John Boehner is about to wreck this kid...

“He did not distinguish himself in the hearing… There remains a cloud over the Department… I think they would be well served by fresh leadership.”

This is coming from the third highest Republican in the House and, alongside Prince Harry and Finnish President Tarja Halonen, one of the world’s most powerful gingers.

Everyone knows that Gonzo needs to, and will eventually, skee-daddle.  The only question is will it be soon enough to offset the political damage it has already caused this White House?

My vote is no.


Oh that crazy Adam Putnam, he’s like Rahm Emanuel sans style, tact, or strategic insight.adam_putnam.jpg

The Times quotes Dennis Hastert the Hutt as calling Douchnam a “fresh face” for the GOP, which is apparently code for “Howdy-Doody”.

Putnam’s role as head of the Republican Conference charges him with energizing the base and forming the issues of the party. Unlike the whip, whose role is specifically designed to gather votes among party members, the Conference chair acts as the face of the party in the house, doling out advice, distributing talking points, reminding people that he is used to cleanse uteri, etc.

My favorite quote from the Times piece:

“He won handily, and on the day he was sworn in, Mr. Putnam recalled, he rushed up the front steps of the Capitol, only to have a police officer grab him by the shoulder. The officer gestured at the Congressional pin on his lapel and demanded: “Where’d you get that pin?”

“I worked very hard for that pin,” Mr. Putnam responded.

The police officer realized his mistake: “You must be the new kid from Florida we’ve been hearing about.””

Aww shucks.

But like it or not, Putnam is the future of the party. Ideologically immobile Tom Delay Jr’s, willing to do away with public discourse entirely in favor of stark, shallow partisan attacks.

Not to say the Democrats don’t do the same thing – they most certainly do – but man…you’d be hard pressed to find an asshole as big as Putnam on our side of the isle.

Wait, just kidding. Lieberman’s a prick, too.

There is nothing new in this post, I just stumbled across this video and it reminded me of what a douchebag this guy truly is.

Plus, I have an excuse to use my “douchebag” tag for a second time in a week.

BTW, to all those outside of the District, the “moonie” paper is a reference to the uber-right wing daily The Washington Times, which is owned by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon.

Rev. Moon is a lunatic, that’s pretty much all there is to say.

What an excellent start to my blog, but hey, the truth hurts.

Putnam was elected to the house in 2001, and the 32-year-old uber-conservative has, in recent months, been acting as the pointed weapon (read: functioning penis) of the Republican minority. The GOP has used him as a strategic mouthpiece due to his relatively innocuous committee assignments and he’s been the House Republican Conference Chairman since last November.

I just don’t like him. He’s loud, obnoxious, and is constantly ragging on Pelosi for “breaking campaign” promises even though the Democrats have been in power for less than two months.

I have no problem with Republicans per se, I’ve even voted for one or two. Many of them are nice enough and they tend to have impeccably parted hair, but Putnam strikes me as a disturbing indicator of the rising tide of young arch-conservatives. A brand of right-wing ideology that discourages compromise and discourse in favor of sharp parliamentary tactics that swing policy from left to right without taking into account any sincere reason.

Whatever, I’ll stop with the big words now. The guy even looks like a douche bag.

Just look at him.

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