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In American politics, nothing is too ridiculous.  This latest example of unintended hilarity comes to us courtesy of the United States House of Representatives.  More specifically,  elected officials who are vying for the premiere of the Simpsons Movie.

In order to be considered in the running, your district must include a town or city called Springfield, it must be eclectic, and be painfully suburban.  It also helps if your entire population is so thoroughly jaundiced that their complexion looks more lemon peel than olive.

The most likely winner, Oregon.  From the Examiner:

“I think they live just down the street from me, actually,” Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Ore said. “I live in Springfield.”

Wow, what a loser.

But DeFazio has nothing on my congressman, Republican and enormous douchebag award runner-up Tom Davis in Virginia.

“Oh there are Mr. Burnses and there are comic book guys — and we have huge traffic jams” in Springfield, Davis said.

Yes Tom, there are Mr. Burnses here, you look like a Smithers to me.

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