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According to the AP, Vilsack has reached out to the Hillary camp to pay off his remaining campaign debt. This comes just days after Vilsack endorsed Mizz Hillary for the Democratic Nomination.tom-vilsack.gif


Haha, come on.

It is ballsy though, especially on the part of the Clinton camp. Why would you so visibly purchase an endorsement? How will this help her in her fight against Obama in the primary? Does Vilsack really want to be Veep THAT bad?

Via the HuffPo and AP. 

WashPo is reporting that none other than Mr. Orphan Annie himself is going to formally endorse Sen. Clinton on Monday.tom-vilsack.gif

This will do wonders for her support among, um, Iowans, but as is evidenced by her husband’s campaign in 1992…that’s not necessarily indicative of anything. Remember that Bill Clinton skipped the Iowa caucus entirely and still won the nomination.

This is not a suprise, Vilsack was the former head of the Democratic Leadership Council which is codename for The Bill Clinton Proverbial Fellators Club. The organization is a pro-business moderate wing of the Democratic Party that is currently headed by former Representative and Football/Girl loving Harold Ford.

Regardless, this will add a bit of drama to the race considering Edwards’ sad week and Obama’s little dustup with that fake Apple Ad.

Let’s see what happens next week, no?

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