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Those who live outside the beltway often put Virginia in the same context as…say…Philadelphia, MS. This couldn’t be farther from the truth…at least until you hit Stafford, VA, then it really starts going downhill. But I digress.

The home of Pat Robertson, Pat Buchanan, and Jerry Falwell has been a powerful symbolic bastion of red-state conservatism, until now. Northern Virginia, also known as the Massachusetts of the Confederacy, has been getting bluer and bluer. Indeed, the DC suburbs have been electing Democrats and moderate Republicans on a much more consistent basis in recent election cycles.

Our popular Governor Tim Kaine is a relatively moderate Democrat, our recently elected Senator Jim Webb has been out and about, shedding his sheepish campaign identity for his more authoritative role on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Finally, Gov. Mark Warner, our extremely popular former Governor, is considering another run against his friend (and member of the Senate Old Curmudgeon Committee) Republican Sen. JOHN Warner.

This may not seem particularly exciting or distinguished, but all three of these men represent an interesting evolution in the Democratic Party.

  • Kaine: Socially conservative Catholic, Clintonian domestic and economic philosophy, is the spitting image of everyone’s next door neighbor.
  • Webb: High profile former Reagan Republican, socially liberal, economically moderate, good libertarian streak. Red-head.
  • Warner: High profile successful self-made businessman (founded Nextel), popular amongst both Democrats and GOP. Looks kind of like donkey, but that’s ok.

Sen. John Warner is very, very popular in the state as well as the country. It is rumored that he could step down and let Tom Davis, my wishy washy idiotic congressman, run for his seat. If John Warner decides to run again, then Mark Warner could be the only person in the state that could beat him.  On the other hand, if Tom Davis runs, Mark Warner will utterly destroy him in a general election.

Any thoughts?

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