Charles Malek – Editor

DC native, counsel for a clinical research organization, and enjoys writing about dystopian  worlds from within a dystopian world. Decided to revisit the blog as a place to write some stories. Still keeps in touch with Eric, and you should too.

The Outer-Loop was formerly:

Eric – Editor

Currently employed by the Endowment of a large trade association in the District of Columbia, Eric received a BA from Temple University in Philadelphia specializing in Communications, specifically new media and broadcast journalism. Eric has been politically active for several years doing volunteer work for several candidates, mostly Democrats, and is an outspoken advocate of libertarian reconciliation with progressive politics, but only when drinking. He is Puerto Rican, but looks Jewish, which is funny for some reason. Eric is currently kicking it in Northern Virginia.

Bobak – Contributor

A vocal international relations graduate of the University of Southern California (and, to a much lesser extent, University of Minnesota Law School), Bobak uses his lawyerly lawyerness to reek havoc at a prominent medical device company in the Twin Cities. Bobak is a regular columnist for the Downtown Journal of Minneapolis and is an avid news junkie. He currently resides in the North Star State.